March 29, 2020

Delgra Oral Jelly


Many men face sexual problems. Sometimes all the fault of age, sometimes – the characteristics of the body. Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems do not have to be tolerated! Thanks to the preparation Delgra Oral Jelly, you can easily solve all juicy problems. Moreover, this drug is sold without a prescription. A convenient form of chewing jelly and affordable price will suit everyone. This medicine will give you male power and self-confidence. Immerse yourself in the world of caresses and pleasures together with your partner and enjoy every moment. Taking this medication, you can again lead a full sexual life and be confident in your abilities.


Like in the classic drug, the main active substance Delgra Oral Jelly is Sildenafil. By removing the muscle tension and increasing the flow of blood to the penis, the erection lasts for 3-4 hours. Due to its shape, the tablet is absorbed very quickly. The drug provides a stable erection and promotes endurance in love caresses. For the greatest effectiveness of the drug, combine it with preliminary caresses. Frictions are very important for achieving a result. Do not rely solely on the medicine.


The drug is supplied in packs of 7 tablets. The standard dosage of the drug is 100 mg. for one person. Take 30-90 minutes before the onset of sexual activity. If it is necessary to increase the dosage, consult a doctor for an initial consultation. An uncontrolled increase in dose can lead to negative consequences for your health. Use the drug no more than once in 24 hours. With a very strong effect, you can take a half of the dose.


It is not recommended to take the drug with alcoholic beverages and strong sedatives. Preliminary it is necessary to consult at the attending physician about personal intolerance of a preparation. It is not recommended for women and children under 18 years of age. People over the age of 65 should undergo a primary consultation before taking the drug. Avoid of using Delgra Oral Jelly in case of arrhythmia, chest pain, liver or kidney disease, dehydration or ischemic heart disease.

Side Effects

Side effects appear only in rare cases. The total number does not exceed 3-4 percent. Possible negative effects: weakness, stuffy nose, high blood pressure, nausea, headaches and temporary visual impairment. Do not drink on a full stomach. In case the erection lasts more than 4 hours, turn to the hospital. In exceptional cases, loss of consciousness is possible.


In case of an overdose of the drug, the following complications are possible:

  • Heartache
  • Hearing loss or vision loss
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue and increased sweating

Alcohol and Sildenafil are incompatible. Any combination of Delgra Oral Jelly with other medications can have a detrimental effect on your health. Keep this medication away from children. A sense of absent-mindedness and a feeling of mild ailment is possible, after the double dose of the drug. Buying a drug, be sure that you have no contraindications for its use.