June 7, 2020



Sometimes, the active rhythm of life does not allow us to fully eat. We eat on the run. As a rule, it is a high-calorie food, which helps us to quickly get full. But, at the same time, it harms our body and figure. As a result, extra pounds. But there is a great solution, how to get rid of them. Orlistat is an easy and convenient solution to the problem of excess weight. Make your first step to your new body. This drug helps people with overweight and those who suffer from digestive system disorders. Practical studies of physicians from Germany showed that in 96 percent of the subjects there was a significant decrease in weight on the background of overall improvement in well-being.


The main effect of the drug is aimed at blocking part of the consumed fats in food. The drug helps to reduce weight and treat obesity. With the systematic consumption of medication, the digestive system is normalized. The drug is designed for different age groups, since it has virtually no side effects. Due to the created energy deficit, the body reduces its fat reserves. It is very important to combine the Orlistat and physical activity. This is a key aspect for achieving a positive result. You should carefully calculate the amount of calories consumed and balance your diet to maximize the effect.


Typically, the dosage of Orlistat is determined by the doctor. For an adult, 120 mg three times a day after meals. A variant with taking the drug within one hour after a meal is possible. This dosage is also suitable for children older than 12 years. Your doctor can increase the dosage if it’s necessary. It can be 30, 60 or 90 tablets in one package. The drug should be accompanied by a large dose of vitamins and trace elements to stabilize the body’s basic systems.


There are some cases in which you should not take this medication:

  • In case of pregnancy
  • With kidney and liver disease
  • With diabetes or pancreatitis
  • With violations in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

When pregnant, the drug may limit the digestibility of certain vitamins. It should be avoided taking Orlistrat during this period. Do not take the pill with alcohol.

Side Effects

The main side effects may occur due to the blocking of fats. Talk to the doctor if you feel pain in the lower back, swelling of the extremities, chills, shortness of breath and the presence of blood in urine. In the event that your condition worsens, call an ambulance. When taking this drug is very important not to overeat. This greatly overloads the digestive tract and increases the concentration of toxins in the body. Some patients feel nauseous and chill after taking Orlistat.


It is very important to inform the doctor in advance about those medicines that you use. Some of them are not compatible with Orlistat and can lead to extremely negative effect. Insulin and drugs for epilepsy are incompatible with this drug. Uncontrolled excess of a dose is fraught with a significant deterioration in health. Beware of fakes. Buy only from a trusted dealer.