March 29, 2020

Cialis Generic


Cialis Generic – a drug that is designed to solve the most painful problem for any man. Based on inhibitors of the fifth type, these tablets help to normalize the erectile function of the male body. Now there is no need to deny yourself the pleasure! Taking Cialis Generic you will regain your confidence in bed and again become the champion of erotic marathons.


Dadalafin increases the level of testosterone to the biological norm. This active substance increases endurance and promotes a long lasting erection. The medicine can be used even by those who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction. Cialis Generic increases the overall level of energy in the body and gives strength to the man. The medicine relaxes the muscles of the penis and contributes to the almost instantaneous normalization of sexual function for a long period of time.


This drug is recommended for use after a personal visit to the doctor. Observing a clear medical instruction, a daily allowance of 20 mg is allowed. When serious erectile deviations are allowed to increase the dose to 40 mg. Using the right proportions will positively change the quality of sexual life. It is important to follow the regime of one tablet for 24 hours. It is worth considering the fact that some people are more susceptible to the active substance in the drug. Do not increase the amount of medication at your discretion. If sexual problems are caused by psychological disorders, the drug should be discarded.


To prevent health problems, it is recommended that:

  • Do not drink alcohol while taking medication.
  • Taking pills by women and children is prohibited.
  • In the absence of physical problems it is recommended to exclude the taking of tablets.
  • Do not take medicine on an empty stomach.
  • Strictly observe the dosage.
  • Is prohibited for people with heart failure.

All these simple steps will help you to extract the maximum effect.

Side Effects

Cialis Generic, like any other similar drug is prescribed by a physician. Side effects occur only in a small proportion of patients. The main rule to prevent their occurrence is a strict doctor’s prescription and compliance with dosages.

In rare cases, you can observe side effects such as an erection over four hours, partial vision impairment, excessive kidney strain, drowsiness, nausea, dizziness and apathy.

It is very important not to combine the intake of this drug and drugs based on nitrates. Refuse alcohol, antibiotics and drugs to increase blood pressure during sexual intercourse. Consult a specialist before combining different medications.


Groups of people with severe gastric diseases, heart failure, epilepsy, high blood pressure should take Cialis Generic only after receiving approval from the doctor. For a sick organism there can be many negative consequences. Do not ignore the instructions.

Overdosing with the drug can lead to serious disorders in the body. Play by the rules and enjoy your sexual victories!