June 7, 2020

Zyban Generic


It’s not a secret that smoking is very detrimental to the body. Many people try to quit smoking for many years. Unfortunately, many people are not able to do it themselves. Thanks to modern developments in the field of medicine, Zyban appeared. This innovative drug suppresses nicotine addiction and helps to test a new range of feelings without cigarettes. Zyban Generis easily solves the old nicotine problem. Due to its unique composition, the effect is increased by 35 percent compared to other similar drugs. The drug solves the problem of nicotine addiction once and for all. Forget about bad habits and enjoy the world without smoke and harm to the health of yourself and others.


The effect of the drug directly affects the reduction of nicotine dependence. Along with the need for smoking, such side effects as irritability, anxiety, problems with concentration and a constant sense of hunger disappear. Studies have shown that Zyban Generic is most effective along with psychological training and motivation. Active substance Bupropion, directly affects the body and forms a nicotine blockade. In tandem with psychological manipulation, the effect can be doubled.


Before starting treatment, consult your doctor. The standard dosage for this drug is 150 mg twice daily. With a positive effect, the dose doubles. A pill should be taken with water on an empty stomach. The tablet should be swallowed by no means chewing. The effect manifests itself some time after the start of the treatment.


The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mothers. Active substances in the preparation can cause harm to the developing organism. People suffering from epilepsy must refuse to take this medication.

Also, do not use this medication for heart failure, kidney problems, and tumors.

Older people can take Zyban Zhenneris only with the permission of the doctor.

Side Effects

The following side effects are possible:

  • Arhythmia
  • Jujul in the chest
  • Problems with the lungs
  • Swelling of the extremities
  • Depressive state

If these symptoms appear, stop taking the medication immediately. Among other side effects are possible: indigestion, muscle pain, impaired coordination of movements, spontaneous aggressiveness. If you have an individual intolerance to certain groups of drugs or are allergic to the components of this medication, consult a specialist.


The drug may be the cause of depressive or suicidal moods. Overdose can increase the risk of seizures and spasms. If you have these disorders, contact your healthcare provider for help. Frequent mixing with caffeine causes spasms and a delay in breathing. If you are taking a group of antibiotics, sedatives or other medications, consult a medical professional. Do not determine the dose yourself. Each organism is unique and requires an individual approach. Before starting the drug, check the procedure for increasing dosages and effects on the body.